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Byleth's most useful attack is their Bow, which can be used just by using neutral special. If you reckon your character should be moved up or down, let us know in the comments below! With the recent patch notes, Pikachu’s side+B just got a lot more reliable for causing damage, but it has always contributed to his phenomenal recovery. Players are voting Pikachu as the character with the most favourable match ups. In addition to this, Kirby's recovery is incredibly generous, so if you are starting out in the game, or trying to get to grips with the basics, Kirby is a no-brainer. Frankly, Joker is disgusting to play against. They are definitely not beginner characters and you’ll need to master float cancels to truly get the most out of them, but they’ll both do well against most of the cast. Snake’s game is to hurl out explosives left, right, and centre.
Mastery of the footsies game is your only real hurdle to overcome to use Palutena well. Funny, we know, but seriously, Lucina is just flat out the best. In fact, the only thing that could make Shulk worse is a nerf to his Shield Art. Palutena has the best aerials in the game, with her back-air being very safe, quick, and “bizarrely strong” according to HungryBox.

Well, except sword characters that is. In fact, the only thing that’s always been against Pichu is the fact that he’s incredibly light, so you’ll see him fly off the screen more often than his evolved form. Ultimate tier list. That doesn’t mean Pichu has run out of tricks though. Why? Roy and Chrom are in our 'Best' tier, and it shows when coming face to face with them. Hero might just be the best character in the game, for now. If you click on one and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Banjo's down spike smash attack is also great, but you'll have to make sure the enemy is at a pretty high percentage and if you can land safely.

Since you're able to deal a bit more damage than a lot of other characters, we've popped Byleth in the 'Average' tier. This technical fighter is not for players who cannot quickly perform fighting game inputs, but if you handily know how to do Supers and special moves in Street Fighter, you'll be fine. Whether you're after Joy-Cons, PS4 or Xbox One controllers, these are the best Black Friday 2019 deals around. Combined with handful of buffs, this is the best version of Ike yet. Side specials and smashes perform relatively well, if not a little bit underpowered for how slow they come out. Be aware however, that some characters (Such as Link and all of his variants) do not generally fit into this mould. They have incredible midair control and options, in addition to being able to dish out some incredibly hard hitting attacks. And phwoar, he's very strong.

We've attempted to rank every current fighter in Super Smash Bros. Where does Byleth place in our Smash Bros Ultimate tier list? Hands down, Pikachu’s up+B and side+B have enabled Pokémon’s mascot character to take a risk when pushing for that finishing blow. That’s down to having a brilliant move pool and the speed to make it all work. Her side+b puts pressure on shields so that they break, stunning the opponent and almost guaranteeing a knockout.

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