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Different elements serve different roles in the solder alloy: Impurities usually enter the solder reservoir by dissolving the metals present in the assemblies being soldered. Copyright © 1995-2020, Digi-Key Electronics.

.100" (2.54mm) Pitch Single Row Right Angle Board to Board Connectors featuring screw-machined terminals provide high reliability method of interconnecting PCB to PCB. Keep an eye on your inbox for news and updates from Digi-Key! Description:

test lead NORMAL FORCE: 45g/pin, based on 0.018 [0.46] dia. Lead-free solder may be less desirable for critical applications, such as aerospace and medical projects, because its properties are less thoroughly known. •Reusable low VSWR edge launch •Narrow profile saves. Solder tail length 4.4mm (except 720-2073 which has a 5.97 mm tail length). Terminals - PC, IC Interconnect Components -

when soldering pipes). [15][16], The European Union Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE) and Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS) were adopted in early 2003 and came into effect on July 1, 2006, restricting the inclusion of lead in most consumer electronics sold in the EU, and having a broad effect on consumer electronics sold worldwide.

Pure metals solidify at a certain temperature, forming crystals of one phase. Solder Tail Circular Connectors are available at Mouser Electronics.

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EJECT-A-DIP? The STO46S, STO5S, STO8S, and S8060-4 have a solder-tail design, which can be permanently soldered into your system.

BOARD-BOARD CONN, HEADER, 72WAY, 2ROW -- 91C5832, Board to Board Connectors - SOLDER TAIL SWAGE PIN, Description: 従来使用されてきた Sn-Pb 系はんだと比較して、より高い信頼性を持ち、作業温度に合わせたさまざまな鉛フリーはんだを取り揃えております。 Bonding wires are especially susceptible to indium attack. The solid-state reactions are more complex – the formation of intermetallics can be inhibited by changing the composition of the base metal or the solder alloy, or by using a suitable barrier layer to inhibit diffusion of the metals.[29]. h�̘ώ5�_�o0��m)���8�s ��DBs��S���ƳiH6�i\�n�Wv�W�Pʩ�TTR�T:�R8�\RJ�{�S�f��H�wo���g�5U��پa�K��:�9[o�}v/\5|�kX51�'-9��E���Z��6���:JKb.� I2�0�JxՊ5lt���9�h��0��j���R��J�N Lead-free solders in commercial use may contain tin, copper, silver, bismuth, indium, zinc, antimony, and traces of other metals. It is also available as a room temperature paste, as a preformed foil shaped to match the workpiece which may be more suited for mechanized mass-production, or in small "tabs" that can be wrapped around the joint and melted with a flame where an iron isn't usable or available, as for instance in field repairs. They contain a high proportion of the metal being soldered and lead is not used in these alloys.

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